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Wedding Abroad News

1 in 5 British couples now opt for a destination wedding:

(Jan 2011) It's official! More couples are choosing to get married abroad than ever before....

Last week’s news from Mintel that the number of British couples marrying abroad has increased to an all time high (1 in 5) comes as no surprise to Barefoot Bride! The ultimate destination wedding website has seen its visitor numbers nearly double in the last 6 months alone.

But why the increase?  Barefoot Bride Director Jen Kelly says it's more than just about offering better value for money: “More couples have definitely realised that they can have a luxury wedding at a fraction of the cost if they go abroad, but we’ve spotted something else - a change in attitude.

"Couples used to be worried about offending their guests if they married abroad. But now people seem to be much more relaxed about designing a wedding that’s personal to them".

It's an observation that seems to be backed up by Mintel’s latest report.

According to their statistics back in 2008, 1 in 5 adults were worried that “the cost and time required in attending a wedding abroad puts relatives and friends in an awkward position”.

Fast forward to 2010 and that figure had fallen to 1 in 7. Now just 8% of adults are worried that it would upset too many people if they got married overseas.

“Brides are telling us that their guests are much more open to the idea of attending a wedding abroad", continues Jen.  "The shock reactions couples used to experience - even just two years ago - don’t seem to be there today, which makes the decision much less stressful.”

In fact the Mintel report suggests things have gone full circle, with as many as two in five consumers (37%) saying they would like to get married abroad, or attend a wedding abroad - significantly more than the number who would prefer a UK wedding with more friends and family (28%).

“The average number of guests our couples are taking to their wedding is 35, with many opting for a bigger party when they return home after their honeymoon," explains Jen. "It's the stress free way to keep everyone happy!"


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