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Turkey Wedding Legalities

Minimum Residency:

There is no legal minimum number of days couples need to be in the country before getting married. But the formalities do take a couple of days so couples tend to arrive up to a week prior to their wedding.

The Marriage Application Process:

1) Apply for a Certificate of No Impediment ('CNI').

You get this from your local Registrar in the UK - see Paperwork Explained for details. Allow at least 3 weeks.

2) Apply to the British consulate in Turkey for the marriage documents to initiate formalities.

You can apply to the British Embassy in Ankara or British Consulates in Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya. They will ask you to complete and sign an application form. As well as your CNI they will need to see the following documents:

Essential documents:

* Passport

* Full Birth Certificate (ie the one with parents names on)

Additional documents - if relevant:

* A divorce or death certificate relating to previous spouse.

Your Certificate of Non Impediment will be reproduced in the Turkish language.

3) Your CNI and other documents must then be legalised by the Turkish Authorities. This is done either by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara or the Governor in Antalya, Istanbul, or Izmir. When you call at the Consulate or Embassy, staff will explain where to go and what to do.

4) A medical examination is necessary at a State hospital in Turkey. Full details are available in the information leaflet provided by the Turkish Marriage Office. It's advisable to have a translator with you for this.

Then you are able to marry!