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Beach Wedding Tips

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Beach Wedding Tips

As beautifully romantic as it is, marrying on a beach can also throw up a few challenges which can catch you out. A few quick checks before your wedding will be save any last minute stresses on the day.

Your venue or wedding planner should have most of this covered, but we’d advise asking what their Plan B is for your own peace of mind.

Do your research

* Places always look idylic in the brochures. But time it wrong and you might not get the picture postcard you hoped for. Be sure to check how packed peak season gets or if you're jetting off to exotic shores, the chances of a monsoon or inclement weather.

Location location

* The wind and the sea can be noisy if you are marrying right on the beach, so make sure your your guests can hear you and whoever is marrying you by choosing your ceremony spot carefully - your venue will be able to advise.

If you're filming the wedding, this is also an important factor to ensure the audio is clear on the DVD. Click here to read our tips for making a great wedding video.

* Checking the tide times is a good idea too -so you don't find yourself paddling half way through your ceremony, even if you're running half an hour late.

Keep your cool

* Make sure there is some form of shade for you and the guests. It may be a shorter ceremony, but everyone has different heat tolerance levels so a few parasols will be appreciated.

Any rain cover that you have on stand by may well double up as shade - a marquee with open sides could cover both eventualities!

* Make sure there is plenty of water for your guests to sip while they’re waiting for you to make your (slightly delayed) entrance.

* Find out where the sun is and at what point in the day, so you can avoid the hottest times.

* Pace yourselves - structure a leisurely wedding day to account for the heat. No one - especially you - will want to be rushing around in 85 degrees. When in Rome and all that...

Brides Tip

“The hotel passed around cold flannels after our beach ceremony which went down a treat and refreshed everyone before the celebrations began”. Caroline - Malta

Party into the night

* Think about lack of light and a possible drop in temperature during your evening celebrations. If you are eating on the beach make sure people can actually see their food - a couple of tea lights won't do it but lots of lanterns and flares will.

And consider supplying a few cosy blankets should the partying continue into the wee small hours - any kids in the party will love it once they eventually flag!

Get the right permissions

* If you are organising your own wedding and marrying on a public beach, make sure you get the appropriate permits from the local authorities.

* If you are marrying on a public beach, try and pick a spot which will give you as much privacy as possible from inquisitive locals and holidaymakers.

Bride's Tip

“We booked our beach wedding on a Friday which was a good decision - less people on the beach and just a more relaxed atmosphere all round!” Mel - Australia - read full story

Keep talking now to avoid disappointment later!

* Give your wedding planner (if you’ve hired one), or venue, florist, and photographer a simple, clear brief including your likes, your style of wedding, your dress, your budget and how many guests. A list of simple no-no’s can be just as helpful.

* Then listen to their suggestions – they will know the location, the light, the space and will have the experience to know what works best.

* Many suppliers - such as the florist - will appreciate a few emailed photos of the look/ colours you would love for your wedding.

* Keep talking to your suppliers in the lead up to your wedding (either directly or via your planner). Trust them to deliver, while accepting that things are often done a little differently in other countries and cultures – which often means your expectations are exceeded!

* If at any point you get a bad feeling about a supplier, raise it with your venue or wedding planner.. they should produce an alternative if they can’t put your mind at rest.

Then sit back, relax and get excited in the knowledge that everything’s covered!!

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