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Your Marriage Certificate

Receiving your certificate varies between countries and is generally taken care of by your planner or the person who married you.

Can we register our marriage in the UK?

You can’t actually register your marriage here in the UK but you can have your marriage documents lodged with the General Register Office (GRO) for a small fee (£37 in 2011).

Your certificate will then be kept in one of the GRO’s offices in either Southport, Edinburgh or Belfast - which means giving up your original certificate.

This isn’t compulsory and is not possible if you married in a Commonwealth country, but it does mean your marriage certificate is kept by the GRO as an official record, making it easy to get hold of copies in the future.

Lodging your wedding certificate with the UK Authorities:

* You can lodge your paperwork at any time after your wedding.

* Apply to deposit your marriage paperwork though the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London. Click here to download the form from the FCO website. All applications are dealt with by post.

* Before you send anything off, don't forget to take photocopies for your own records!

* Send off your your original certificate (or certified copies from the foreign authority) – with translation where appropriate. Once originals have been deposited they can’t be released so any subsequent copies you request will be black and white.

* Once the FCO has received your marriage certificate, they send it over to the British Consulate in the country you married for verification.

* When they have received it, the Consulate then passes the certificate onto the GRO back in the UK. This can take anything up to one month.

* The GRO will then contact you to confirm they have received your marriage certificate.

Click here for further details about how to deposit your marriage certificate.