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Barefoot Body

Ok - first the bad news. No product or supplement, however expensive, will transform your body if you leave it until the last minute.

Now the good news. Even just a little effort in the weeks or months leading up to your wedding will make a positive difference to how you look and feel on your day.

Free wedding fitness advice from a pro

We've asked personal trainer Dave Concannon for his top tips for you. He has been transforming his clients lives for over 20 years so we reckon he must know a few things we don't!

Have a quick read of his inspired advice and we guarantee you'll be motivated to get your body and mind in the best shape for your big day.

Over to you Dave....

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" You're already half way there guys! Having a definitive goal such as a wedding like you have can be really helpful in keeping you committed and focused on getting fit.

And if your aim is to look and feel good for your wedding that’s a really positive start.

But I also want you to look beyond the big day so you aim to exercise for life. I can see you rolling your eyes and moaning, but stick with me on this one.

Think of your exercise goals for your wedding day as short term and have a long term goal after the date. Chat it through with your partner. If you are committing yourself to each other, then why not commit to exercising (maybe together) for life?

Everyone knows you dramatically increase your chances of living a happy fulfilled life if you stay active and healthy. What better wedding present could you give each other than that?

1 - decide what your aim is for your wedding day

First, think carefully and be realistic about your real goal for your big day. Whether you want to burn fat, increase your muscle tone or drop a dress size, it must be achievable in the timeframe.

Don’t fall into the trap of putting yourself under pressure so that you end up exercising in an anxious way, this will just make you think negatively towards your exercise.

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2 - pick your pace and start as soon as you can

So, now you've decided on your goals and the timeframe then try and start as soon as possible. Forget everyone else, choose exercise that is safe and enjoyable for you and then we will get you to do it consistently.

Any type of aerobic exercise will be a good place to start - walking, jogging, swimming, rollerblading, cycling or gardening - anything that gets your body moving, your heart rate up and breathing deeply.

When you are just starting out make sure you can maintain a conversation as you exercise, so you don’t do too much too soon.

3 - build up gradually for guaranteed success

You may think this sounds a bit gentle, but trust me this is the only way to succeed!

In the 23 years I’ve spent as an instructor I am yet to meet someone going from no exercise to lots of exercise and maintain it. If you start quickly, you will finish quickly. Fact.

There are no shortcuts, so try to think of starting exercise as ‘wooing’ a new love. ‘Woo’ exercise into your life in a positive way and don’t be put off by the exercise for life commitment.

The best start to married life

Yes you should use your wedding day as a goal, but look beyond your wedding day and you'll be adding years to your life together. It’s what you both deserve, so make it happen."

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