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Greece Wedding Essentials

Most couples opt for a civil ceremony in Greece as these are the most straightforward to organise and offer the greatest options in terms of location for the ceremony.

Religious Weddings in Greece

It is possible to have a religious wedding in Greece but these tend to involve more paperwork, time and regulations can vary between islands.

* Anglican

In certain circumstances it is possible to have an Anglican wedding in one of the 4 Church of England churches in Greece (Athens, Corfu, Patras and Kefalas, in Crete. Premises are also available in Thessaloniki).

NB Anglican weddings must first be preceded by a civil ceremony.

Enquiries about a CofE wedding or a Blessing should be addressed by the couple (not through a wedding planner) to a Chaplain at one of the 4 churches. See contacts section for details.

* Other denominations:

It is possible to arrange a Greek Orthodox or Catholic wedding in Greece with some effort! One or both of you must be a confirmed member of the faith and the application process will need to involve your local priest here in the UK.

Civil Weddings in Greece

These are the most popular type of ceremony and are either held at the local Town Hall or elsewhere in the Municipality - be it a hotel, beach or gardens. They are conducted by a celebrant from the Town Hall.

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