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Cyprus Wedding Legalities:


There is no direct reference to a minimum residency for couples marrying in Cyprus. Once they have applied in person for their licence on the island, couples can legally marry within 2-3 working days.

Applying for your marriage licence in Cyprus:

To get married in Cyprus couples have to 'give notice' and apply for a special licence in person (done at the same time).

1) Make an appointment to visit the Marriage Officer of the Municipality where the wedding is to be held. Your hotel or wedding planner will do this for you.

If you are organising the wedding yourself, get in touch with the relevant local authority directly with your basic details and preferred date and venue.

Details can be found under the 'Members' section of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities website (the larger municipalities have an English version with email addresses). It is also recommended that you contact the Union personally as well as the individual municipality. See our contacts section.

NB The Authorities will need to know that you would like to apply for a special licence. This allows couples to marry within a couple of days of the application, as opposed to a minimum 15 days required with a standard version.

2) At the appointment, you will complete a joint application called a “Notice of Marriage”, sign it and submit to the Marriage Officer.

3) At the same time, you must make a declaration on oath before the Marriage Officer that you know of no impediment or other lawful hindrance to your marriage and that any necessary consent required for the marriage has been obtained, or that none is required.

Essential Documents to take (check with the Marriage Officer or your hotel that you don't need any other documents and whether the documents need to be originals in the case of birth certificate.)

* Passport

* Birth certificate

* You will usually also need a Certificate of No Impediment which you can get from your local Registry Office in the UK. See Paperwork Explained if you're unsure how to get a CNI.

Additional documents - where applicable:

* Decree Absolute/ Death Certificate

4) After you have submitted the documents, the marriage can be celebrated within 2-3 working days (some municipalities allow weddings to be held the same day so check with the person who is marrying you).


Special Licence - Approx 280 euro (2009). The venue may well add another charge onto this.

Copies of marriage certificate: Approx. 12 euros for each certified copy.

Your Marriage Certificate

The couple is supplied with the original certificate of marriage by the Marriage Officer on the day. If they would like one or more certified copies of the certificate they have to apply to the Marriage Officer or to the Ministry of Interior. According to Cyprus law, a copy should be forwarded to the British High Commission by the Marriage officer.