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Caribbean Wedding - Legalities

* Most Caribbean regions require you to apply for your marriage licence in person when you arrive.

* Assume you will need at least your passport and birth certificate with you - originals if possible.

* If you are divorced and/ or widowed, take the relevant certificates with you.

* The licence fee is usually paid on the day of application - with cash (local currency or US$) or local postage stamps. Other charges may be made for your marriage location or celebrant. Your hotel or wedding planner may well group all the costs together in your wedding quote.

* Be sure to double check the very latest advice with the relevant authority - find their details in the contacts section.

Caribbean Wedding - minimum residency at a glance:

Anguilla 2 days

Antigua 1 business day

Bahamas 2 days

Barbados 0 days

British Virgin Islands 3 business days

Cayman Islands 0 days

Dominican Republic 2 days

Grenada 5 days

Jamaica 1 day

St Kitts 0-2 days

St Lucia 0 days

St Vincent & Grenadines 1 day

Trinidad & Tobago 3 days

Turks & Caicos 3-4 days